Armin Hafner Nursery

You want the apples? We have the trees.

Created in 1998 and now in its second generation, the Armin Hafner Nursery produces over 500,000 apple trees per year on more than 50 hectares of sandy, fertile soil in the Po river valley in Badia Polesine (Rovigo).

Strong, well-rooted rootstocks from our own nursery form the basis for our strong, well-branched knip-boom trees, interstem trees, two-year-old trees and/or year-old saplings.

The whole nursery has been equipped for many years with a drip irrigation and fertigation system, which has enabled us to achieve an annual prime quality yield of 80 - 85%.

The crops are all stored in 5,500 m² of cold rooms and warehouses. All cold rooms are fitted with modern vaporisers that produce a fine mist in order to ensure optimum long-term storage, as well as a special sprinkler system for disinfection.

Armin Hafner – Orchard

In addition, on our farm in Badia Polesine, we also cultivate 17 hectares of fruit trees. Of these, 5 hectares are planted with Gala Schniga® SchniCo red saplings, which, in addition to producing apples, also serve as a CAC mother plantation.

We would be delighted to welcome you to our nursery in Badia Polesine / Rovigo.

Armin Hafner

Member of the board of Schniga GmbH, where he is responsible for rating.

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